GamesWeebly.com offers various Weebly games to all the players coming from over the world. Once paying a visit to our site, all the users, as well as the visitors, are highly recommended to take a closer look at the privacy policy of GamesWeebly.com so that they will learn more rules and regulations. Due to the development of playing online games nowadays, there are tons of loyal players coming to several game websites to search for their favorite games and start those awesome performances. Being a user or a client of a certain place, you need to know all the rules set by the administrators so that you won’t worry about being banned from playing games.

This following document will explain all the rights, the obligations that the users need to follow when accessing to GamesWeebly.com! We will gather all the personal details, information about the users and visitors here. Therefore, please read our privacy carefully!

Log Files

Most of the websites utilize log files that can consist of some of information relating to ISP-Internet Service Provider, IP-Internet Protocol addresses, browsers, the details of users, the period of visiting and probably more. In addition, these log files are considered as a helpful tool that assists the webmaster to analyze and collect the demographic data, operating the website, and keep an eye on the visitors’ actions.


Cookies will be the place that stores the details of users’ preference and Cookies permit us to follow the users’ trace or adjust the content of the web page, especially when those users utilize some types of the browser.

Web Beacons

Web Beacons are very useful for tracking the navigation through some of the websites. These stuff can be connected to cookies to gain understanding relating to the way that the users utilize the browse through and obtain the content of that site.

DoubleClick DART Cookie

The third clan utilizing cookies to perform their ads will be Google. With the assistance of Dark Cookies, it’s very easy for Google to express their ads and deliver them to the clients regardless of relating to this either site or other sites.
A player can go to http://www.google.com/policies/technologies/ads/ if they don’t want to get involved in utilizing cookies. They can discover the content of the privacy policy.

Third clans will be the ones who operate the ads and links after applying their technologies including Cookies, Web Beacons, JavaScript and more. Third clans will use these to check out and evaluate the success brought by the ads. The users who are using their browsers will see those ads.

If a user wants to understand more precise information, they need to ask about the privacy policies of the advertisers more. Plus, if you don’t want to continue to use the cookies anymore, you need to achieve it browser selections individually.
You can search for the ways to operating cookies or browsers at some of the websites with separate browsers if you want to discover more about it.