GamesWeebly.com is such a fantastic place for you to enjoy and explore the best collection of Weebly Games! Nowadays, playing online games unblocked is very popular thanks to the advancement of Internet and Technology. Every day, there are tons of players all over the world paying a visit to a site with the purpose of playing games to spend their leisure time. Our administrators finally established some basic terms that force the players to obey and follow in order not to break any rules. Knowing these terms and regulations, all the users, as well as visitors, will have more freedom while playing games without worrying about being banned from the Admins of GamesWeebly.com.

Terms of GamesWeebly.com

As a possessor of GamesWeebly.com, we made these terms in order to force you – as a user, to follow and always obey our regulations:

  • Firstly, a user or a visitor has no right to use or take away anything, any information of our website. This is a general site for all of the users to discover.
  • Secondly, the described quantity and quality of the content including relevance, precision, completion on this site won’t have any assurance given by either the third parties or us, even though they were already accepted by the law. Hence, all the users need to be in charge of using the information of our website.
  • Thirdly, all the elements such as graphic, layout, design, content that you are seeing and using will be owned by us. If we find out any copy of these elements, that will be known as unlawful piracy.
  • Last but not least, there will be the logos possessed by the operator copied being considered on this site.

All the users and visitors won’t be able to do anything bad leading to the violation of the rules and regulations. Those wrong actions such as damaging, or unsanctioned utilization will be considered as breaking laws. Therefore, we sincerely hope that you guys will obey and follow our regulations and terms.

Besides, GamesWeebly.com also contains some of the links leading to other ones in order to provide the users with more convenience. When you are done enjoying this game, you can click on other related links to discover other awesome games. There won’t be any content of other sites here! Hope you have an amazing time with it!